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United States

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Terms & Conditions

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NET 30, No anticipation, FOB Galt, CA.

A charge of 1 1/2% per month ( 18% annual rate ) will be applied for each month of delinquency.


No merchandise will be accepted for return or credit without prior written authorization.  Any returns, regardless of reason must be sent prepaid and all cartons  must be clearly marked with the RA #.  Returned merchandise must be received by BIA, within 30 days of invoice date in a saleable condition, with original product labeling attached.  Any breakage could void the return credit.  There will be a 20% restocking charge for handling and processing.  Credits will processed upon receipt of merchandise. 

Return to:
B.I.A. Cordon Bleu
100 Enterprise Court
Galt, CA 95632


Merchandise returned as " defective, " is subject to B.I.A. Cordon Bleu's inspection before claim is allowed. No claim on merchandise after 30 days of receipt will be accepted.  A request for return authorization must be  submitted prior to the return; and / or credit for merchandise is granted.  Authorized merchandise credits will include shipping cost.  Any charge back claim must be received by B.I.A. within 90 days of invoice date, or charge back will be invalid.  Any charge backs that are not well documented or considered frivolous will cause a $50.00 per claim fee to be charged to your account or deducted from any allowances.


In instances of shortage or damage notify BIA within 5 days of receipt.   For damaged merchandise, notify at once to the delivering transportation agent and file a claim promptly. Any delay may cause you a loss.  Our responsibility for  delivery of goods ends when we have a signed bill of lading  by our local transportation agent.


All order quantities must be by inner pack.

Inner pack quantities are listed in the column marked "IP" in this price list.  Orders that do not meet inner pack requirements will be adjusted up to meet the inner pack minimum.

When ordering, please be sure the item number is correct. All orders are filled based on item number, not by description.

Orders can be faxed to (209) 745-5899 or emailed to:

BIA strives to fulfill orders as soon as possible.  As a result orders are final and can't be changed once they have been received and confirmed by BIA.  This policy extends to Backorders as well.

Back orders past 60 days and/or under $100.00 will be canceled.


Opening orders: $250.00

Reorders: $100.00

Reorders less than $100 will be charged a $10.00 service fee.

Please, indicate if you are a new account on the order. Please submit credit references with your order, or indicate if you would prefer to be shipped by credit card.

We accept: MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.


BIA does not pay for ancillary freight charges including but not limited to: Sort and seg, inside delivery and liftgate charges.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

B.I.A. Cordon Bleu, Inc. is a registered trademark for sale in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.